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Webster City Staff

Image of Doug Follmann. View Doug Follmann's profile

Doug Follmann

Agency Manager
Image of Scott Oswald. View Scott Oswald's profile

Scott Oswald

Crop/Farm/Life Insurance Agent
Image of Tim Anderson. View Tim Anderson's profile

Tim Anderson

Business/Life/Farm Insurance Agent
Image of Justin Malloy. View Justin Malloy's profile

Justin Malloy

Business/Crop/Farm/Life Insurance Agent
Image of Lynn McKinney. View Lynn McKinney's profile

Lynn McKinney

Personal/Life Insurance Agent
Image of Jeff Vieth. View Jeff Vieth's profile

Jeff Vieth

Senior Products Associate Agent
Image of Mary Struchen. View Mary Struchen's profile

Mary Struchen

Operations Manager
Image of Reta Youngdale. View Reta Youngdale's profile

Reta Youngdale

Accounting Manager
Image of Beth Ades. View Beth Ades's profile

Beth Ades

Manager of Administration
Image of Vicky Hahne. View Vicky Hahne's profile

Vicky Hahne

Business Insurance Customer Service Agent
Image of Myndi Grimsley. View Myndi Grimsley's profile

Myndi Grimsley

Business Insurance Customer Service Agent
Image of Lanette Smith. View Lanette Smith's profile

Lanette Smith

Farm Insurance Customer Service Agent
Image of Angie Youngdale. View Angie Youngdale's profile

Angie Youngdale

Health/Life Insurance Customer Service Agent
Image of Sue Westrum. View Sue Westrum's profile

Sue Westrum

Personal Insurance Customer Service Agent
Image of Britne Burney. View Britne Burney's profile

Britne Burney

Personal Insurance Customer Service Agent
Image of Larissa Parr. View Larissa Parr's profile

Larissa Parr

Crop Insurance Customer Service Agent
Image of Taylor Pruismann. View Taylor Pruismann's profile

Taylor Pruismann

Crop Insurance Processor
Image of Ashley Wilson. View Ashley Wilson's profile

Ashley Wilson

Customer Service Supervisor
Image of Morgan Jensen. View Morgan Jensen's profile

Morgan Jensen

Personal Insurance Customer Service Agent/Claims Administrator
Image of Sandy McCarville. View Sandy McCarville's profile

Sandy McCarville

Operations Assistant
Image of Stacey Rauhauser. View Stacey Rauhauser's profile

Stacey Rauhauser

Operations Assistant
Image of Mary Schmidt. View Mary Schmidt's profile

Mary Schmidt

Operations Assistant
Image of Julie Winninger. View Julie Winninger's profile

Julie Winninger

Personal Insurance Agent
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