Fall Wood Stove Checklist

Posted on May 11, 2022 at 3:12 PM by Town & Country Insurance

Fall is upon us and many of our customers are preparing for the colder temperatures that come with the season. Following is a checklist that should be followed to help prevent wood stove malfunction and possibly a fire:

  • Check to be sure that the spark arrestor on the flue is sealed, attached and able to contain embers.
  • Check the flue pipe for any corrosion, leakage or other defects.
  • Have the flue cleaned by a professional. There should be no build-up of creosote or ash within the flue.
  • Have the unit itself inspected for missing tiles, cracks and other deficiencies that might render the unit unsafe.
  • Be sure that the area around the stove is clean and absent of any flammables (36 inches minimum) in the immediate area of the installation.
  • Don’t stack firewood near the stove itself (see above). Nothing flammable should be left on the stove itself.
  • There should be a fire resistive floor or pad at the front loading area (at least 16 inches from the door of the stove). A Class “A” or “ABC” rated fire extinguisher should be readily available or nearby in case of a malfunction that could lead to a fire.

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