19 Fun Activities to do when Camping

Posted on June 3, 2022 at 12:00 AM by Town & Country Insurance

Are you planning a camping trip, but can’t think of any activities to do for entertainment?

Whether you’re traveling alone, or with friends and family, there are lots of fun camping activities that you can do. Some you’ve probably never thought of!

The most important aspect of camping is exploring new places, becoming one with nature, and just having fun. So before you head out on your next camping trip, here are 19 fun activities to do when camping!

Things to Do Near a Lake or Riverbank

If there is a river or lake near your camping site, you have access to a wide array of water activities that can turn your camping experience into a water palooza.

1. Stone Skipping

In simpler terms, stone skipping is the aptitude of casting rocks across a body of water to see how many times it bounces before sinking.

Believe it or not, it’s a rather popular outdoor activity among families and friends and there are world championships taking place each year.

Just so you know, the world record belongs to a man known as the “Mountain Man”, who skipped a rock 88 times in 2013. Regardless, it’s a fun way to spend time and compete with your friends as you play in the water.

2. Fishing

Fishing is another great approach to take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer. You can rent or bring your fishing boat and cast away in the middle of the lake.

Some people practice fishing as a hobby, while most fathers partake in it to bond with their sons and daughters. Additionally, you can catch enough fish to prepare a feast at lunchtime or dinner.

Sometimes, there is nothing more gratifying than eating something you’ve caught with your bare hands.

3. Canoeing or Lounging

It’s a fun recreational activity where people navigate in a canoe or kayak, using oars to travel across a body of water. Some people bring various canoes and participate in competitions or challenges as a way to entertain themselves.

In addition, it’s a creative way to travel between two different points if you want to save gas and money when visiting a town near a lake.

For example, my friends prefer to transport coolers and heavier items in a canoe, instead of carrying them through hiking when we go camping at a lake.

4. Snorkeling

If you love underwater adventures, then snorkeling is for you. You can observe the beauty of freshwater wildlife or engage in certain watersports, like fin swimming, free diving, and underwater rugby.

However, it’s essential to carry scuba equipment and have proper training in order to prepare against any possible situation.

You can also practice snorkeling if you have not mastered swimming, but want to embrace a safe water activity near the shore.

5. Water Balloon Fight

Whether you are at home, at a friend’s house, or at camp, it’s always a good time to engage in some water balloon quarrels. Just to bring an appropriate amount of balloons, fill them with water, and then divide them into teams.

Also, you can engage in a small championship where the losing team is responsible for washing dishes or preparing dinner.

However, it’s important to avoid littering to preserve the environment. Therefore, you should pick up any residue or waste produced when playing with balloons.

6. Sports

You can play certain watersports if you bring the appropriate gear, such as water volleyball or basketball, water skiing, diving, and swimming. It ultimately depends on one’s preferences.

camping at night time

Night Time Camping Activities

Many people love to hike during daylight hours and wear themselves out, so they have a good night’s sleep at night. However, there are many wonderful camping activities to do at night because the fun is not over when the sun comes down. You just need to be creative.

7. Campfire and S’mores

A camping trip is not the same if you don’t build a campfire at night and prepare some s’ mores with your friends or family. It’s truly a special moment when you sit around a fire and place some marshmallows to roast as you talk about past adventures.

Before building a campfire, it’s a good idea to check if local authorities allow fires for safety reasons. Some camping sites have specified structures where you can create bonfires, while others require a permit beforehand.

And while we’re on the topic of campfires: if you’ve ever wondered why smoke always seems to follows you, I have an article that explains exactly why this is.

8. Stargazing

It’s rather hard to view stars in cities because of lightning or environmental hazards that reduce the sky’s visibility, such as smoke or car exhaust.

However, stars are enchanting and never-ending when you are in remote locations. Simply place a mat on the floor and lie comfortably to observe the immerse city of lights.

You can also carry a constellation guide and a telescope if you want to enhance your stargazing experience. You might be able to find the North Star or the Big Dipper if you are lucky!

9. Flashlight Tag

It’s a fun game to play with friends or children. You need at least three people to play this game, but it more entertaining if more people participate.

In order to play, a person is chosen as “it” by picking a stick or number. Then, the person closes his eyes and counts to 100, while the rest try to hide behind a tree or faraway.

Finally, the person uses a flashlight to search and tag everyone. It’s easier to spot someone with flashlight tag because you only need to cast the beam of light on the said person and say their name.

Once everyone is caught, you select another person.

10. Midnight Walk

If you prefer a more relaxing time with your friends, you can walk around the woods with appropriate lightning. It’s a perfect moment to listen to the sounds of Mother Nature and fill your lungs with a fresh pine scent.

However, you should always inform someone about your whereabouts and stay close to the camp in case you get lost or sidetracked.

You should also carry a cell phone, GPS device, or a personal locator beacon for safety precautions.

camping alone

Things to Do While Camping Alone

One of the main reasons people go camping is because they want to be by themselves and take advantage of the benefits of solitude.

You are able to clear your mind, unwind from tiresome work schedules, and appreciate the small things in life. There are many camping activities that you can do when camping alone.

11. Writing and Poetry

Many writers travel to remote places to develop a different type of mindset and create unique ideas and inspirations for their books and stories.

However, it’s not necessary to be a writer to doodle on some ideas. You only need a piece of paper and a pen and let your imagination run wild.

12. Photography

The outdoors is filled with beautiful landscapes and alluring wildlife that create a richer camping experience.

You can carry a professional camera or your cellphone and take pictures of animals and scenery along the hike, or as you travel through the woods.

You can also take advantage of the sun to create breathtaking images during sunset or as the sun rises at dawn.

13. Bring a Book

Camping is also a great time to brush up on your reading list. If you don’t like to carry books due to the risk of ruining them, you can also download some books on your phone or kindle.

Many people love reading a book while sitting near a lake or lying down on a mat.

The symphonies of nature can improve your concentration and focus, and even allow you to create vivid moments of the scenes you are reading.

14. Cook for Yourself

If you live with friends or family members that have picky taste buds, camping is a perfect opportunity to eat certain meals that you love.

You can try out new food combinations or prepare meals with luxury items that you have never tasted before. Bring a cooler with all the ingredients necessary to prevent any spoiling.

Although it’s wonderful to cook and eat meals with family and friends, sometimes you’re able to experiment and enhance the flavor of your food.

15. Play some Music

If you are alone in the woods, it’s a perfect excuse to blast your favorite music. The echoes and resonance produced by nature amplify music and enhance your listening experience.

If you play an instrument, like a guitar or harmonica, you can also carry it with you. Inspiration could also strike you in the face and allow you to write a new song or composition.

camping with kids

Fun Camping Activities for Kids

Kids also enjoy going camping because they’re allowed to stay awake and it’s a new experience for them. However, you must have certain activities in case they get bored or spend too much time on their phones.

16. Camping Games

There are various games that you can play while camping, such as fencing, hide-and-seek, a game of tag, swimming, and many more.

You should also have board games, monopoly, and cards at your disposal in case it begins to rain, and you have to bring entertainment indoors.

At night, you can engage in charades, create shadow puppets, and tell ghost stories to scare them.

17. Catch Fireflies

Catching fireflies is a fun way to entertain children at night. First, you need to attract fireflies near you using a blue filter or a blue-colored lightbulb.

Turn it on and watch how fireflies start swarming around. You can use a net, a mason jar, or your bare hands to catch them.

Once you place them in a jar, remember to poke holes in the lid so the fireflies can breathe. Be sure to release the fireflies once you finish the game.

18. Painting

If your children love to paint or draw, you can encourage them to paint landscapes and sceneries near the camping site. This will allow them to enhance their painting skills while having fun at the same time. Some people may even discover that their children have a true talent in painting or sculpting when they try these things.

19. Go Hiking

If there’s a small mountain trail, or a walking ground near where you’re camped, you can all go on a family walk. With that said, if you’re looking for things to do on a first date, this is a great way to break the ice.

Remember to wear appropriate clothing depending on the weather conditions.

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