Heartland Mutual

Heartland Mutual

Heartland Mutual Insurance has been a trusted property insurer and good neighbor to Algona and North central Iowa area residents for over 130 years. Originally known as Kossuth Mutual Insurance, in 1994, the company changed its name and expanded its focus from serving only Kossuth County and contiguous counties to encompassing the entire state of Iowa. The company has chosen to concentrate in north central Iowa to maintain the high levels of service policyholders have grown to expect.

In 2001 the Association merged with Security Mutual Insurance in Fort Dodge, IA giving us a much larger writing territory. The spread of risk over a larger territory will help us provide competitive prices in the market place for years to come. The Association now has over 192 independent writing agents in 56 agencies, with the main office being moved to Fort Dodge, IA and a claims office in Algona, Iowa. The area of concentration is still centered in north central Iowa. Heartland Mutual’s motto continues to be “We’re by your side… neighbor helping neighbor.” Association President, Bruce Thomas, states, “Our agents and staff live and work in the communities we serve. It’s the service with a smile philosophy. When customers have problems, they can sit across the desk with the person they are dealing with instead of talking with someone impersonal from who knows where. The company statement of purpose is to provide financial protection for farm, home and business needs through effective, knowledgeable and stable insurance practices for our policyholders in Iowa.”

In 2010 the main office was moved back to Algona, Iowa to consolidate the offices and bring down expenses for our policyholders. We still maintain the full service we had with 2 separate offices. Our writing territory is concentrated in 34 counties in the State of Iowa with room for expansion.

Heartland Mutual has full-time adjusters on staff and is fully automated to allow for all processing and servicing of the policy to be handled in-house. In addition to striving to meet superior customer service expectations, the Association offers cost-effective personal and real property insurance products ranging from fire and wind coverage to all physical loss replacement policies.

By being a mutual insurance company, Heartland Mutual Insurance Association has the opportunity to offer products that are flexible and designed to meet the specific needs of the customer while at the same time being competitively priced.

The company, known for its financial stability, has been in business over 130 years. Being in one location since 1887 demonstrates a degree of stability people have grown to appreciate. As a progressive company, always looking to the future will be a way of life as we strive to meet the needs of our policyholders.